Monday, 12 November 2018

Japan Trip October 2018 - Day 1 & 2 - Nara Park - Dotonbori, Osaka

Let's do this, reminiscing the good memories in Japan!

So Alhamdulillah I finally got a chance to go to Japan this year (bought the ticket using my first pay - been broke since then). This trip is for 10days, covering OSAKA and TOKYO, using JR Pass and our accomodation is fully using AirBnb.

5th October 2018 (Friday)

Our flight was at 2pm, and supposedly to arrive around 9pm in Kansai Airport. But we touch down at 9.30pm, and the custom check was really a long queue, all we want is to check in quickly since its already late're at a foreign country! Since our JR pass is only for 7 days, we decided to use it on our third day in Japan, and just use normal ICOQA card for the first two days in osaka (its like our malaysian touch and go, but I borrowed from my aunt, buying that would cost you around 2000yen - if I'm not mistaken).

Excited to see Japan!

Since we live close by Kohama Station, so we took the metro straight from the airport station. Took us around 50minutes + 10minutes walking to our Airbnb and cost around 1000yen. Clearly the in flight meal is not sufficient, we decided to go out to the nearest Family Mart and purchase halal Onigiri! (Do some research to help you find out halal foods at convenience store, clearly helps us in case of emergencies - read: lapar gila)

6th October 2018 (Saturday)

So the next day, we decided to go to Nara, as per my itenary. I'll share my full itenary after I've posted all okey? Mind you, cook some foods peeps, halal food is hard to find here.

Our nasi goreng sardin + serunding mama! Life savior!

We took the normal train (not shinkansen) to Nara, took us around 1 hour 50 minutes. 

Let me give you some tips here:

1) Use Google Direction Map. Just google your destination, click direction and put in your exact location - for us, we will always put in the train station name, easier. 

2) This navigation is the BEST! forget waze, unless you're using a car. Other than that, use this. THIS! It is so accurate it helps us a lot. Plus Japanese train has soooooo many platforms you'll get lost and confuse. Fret not, by using this, you'll also know the platform you need to go. 

When we arrived, its already noon. Since we took our time that morning, cooking and all. Considering its saturday, its not packed with tourist/local. Its totally free to enter the park, you just have to spend for the deer's food (optional). 


Hello N A R A ❤

Tips: They're aggressive, put the biscuits in your bag and just take out one at a time. 

They bite, careful! My shirt was bitten, and mind you....their saliva eww. 

There's a lot of attractions near the park, just prepare a comfortable shoes. 

Nara Park is behind me, see..its uphill. Good luck walking guys. 

We decided to eat our nasi goreng in front of the lake. 

We bought this at the store near Nara Park, its around 200 yen. 

Limited edition coke, around 250yen (don't remember). 

That night, we went to Dotonbori. It was lit, somewhat like our Jonker Walk in Malacca. 

With the famous Glico Man. (Nampak mcm takde orang kan, haa actually ramai gila!)

Takoyaki Checked!

Actually I wrote a longer version towards the end of this post, but the damn internet got cut off and I couldn't save a whole lot of my babbling here, so so so tired to write again. But feel free to leave a comment if you got questions, will answer them late.

Aiesya ❤

Monday, 5 November 2018

Broken inside out.

Haven't blogged for a while, and I was thinking of writing my Japan trip recently. But I haven't had the energy to recall the sweet memories these past 2 days due to heartbreaks. Yup..


I'm not gonna share the details. I barely managed to came up from my bed after lying around for almost 2 days in my bedroom. I haven't got the appetite to eat, though the only thing I ate was Ice cream, so that I will lose my voice 😂 and eventually don't have to explain why I'm taking Emergency leave on Monday. 

Ya Allah, please let this pass through quickly. Give me strength and guidance so that I can move on from this nightmare. Give that person guidance and forgiveness for things he had done. Give him a chance to repent, and eventually get back to You. Oh Allah, I'm not perfect myself, but keep me close to you, for which my last destination that I wish to be is among those you love, in Paradise. Amin. 

Sunday, 8 July 2018

❤ Bee's Engaged ❤

Alhamdulillah Bee's Engaged! 

It was a beautiful ceremony indeed, and I'm sooo happy for her (tears right there). I haven't seen Peah and Farah, since I don't remember..months ago perhaps. 

There she goes. Soo pretty la bee. Can't believe my dormmates yang dulu kawan since 13 years old, yela masuk SMAKL form 1 kan. *sigh*

And there goes our muka sebesar piring. 
 Major love here ❤

Dua lipa challenge, gone wrong. 


She's the first! and we're missing Asila here 😞

Okey one more, just one more. 

 Congrats again bee ❤ I'm genuinely so happy!

❤ xoxo,


Saturday, 17 March 2018

The difference I felt when I turned 25 this year -> old.

What I said, they made it came true. Seriously thanks guys, even though lepas singing the Happy Birthday song they all jumped for the Kfc. Semua kebulur sebab plan extended sampai ke petang.

And of course Paja edited the video, like she did to all of us haha. Kali ni kasi chance la sis nak feeling with malay songs. And actually, the biggest birthday present I got is the offer letter from Nielsen a week before my birthday! Its an achievement to myself, for actually securing a job before the final result came out. Like come on, kalau sangkut satu paper mampus. Tapi I was relieved that I made the decision to go looking for jobs awal, tak rehat pun. Because in the end, I felt like all the loans are calling LOL

And the biggest surprise of all, Uzair came all the way from Shah Alam even after he celebrated the day before (I will write it in another post InsyaAllah). Itu pun surprise gilaaaaaa and I'm touched of course. Meanwhile this surprise was all of my friends hardwork, nak payback for their birthday that I planned la tuuuu hahahaha semua pressured (And I added most of the pressure sebab saja nak kacau diorang)

The faces behind all these surprises!

And that's me with all the presents ❤

❤ Aiman gave me an Nyx Eyeshadow Pallete ❤

❤ Paja bagi Ked's ! ❤

❤ Spa's stuffs from Ang ❤

❤ These two gave me piggy banks! ❤

❤ The Body Shop stuffs from Anis ❤

❤ Heels from Amok ❤

❤ Pandora charm from Sara ❤

well skip this one...

And this too 😂

The girls 💗

Leggos 💖

2018 has started off with a good vibes, and I already secured a job. Alhamdulillah and I'm thankful I still had this people around me after all this time. Looking forward for more good memories in the future with these cracks.


Aiesya 💓