Sunday, 24 September 2017

❤ BRtrip in Avani ❤

We've been planning this for months, since it is the starting of our last semester. Also its partly because of Paja is turning 23 on the day we checked in ☺Well actually I think this is a good deal since the villa we booked comes with breakfast, and its actually a two room villa. No more cramping on the same bed ! (like in Penang LOL)

We're so excited, well they are (tipu je I excited jugak since the first time I stay here, no one would care to entertain my inner conflict to take pictures around the hotel huh.

Look at Aiman's new handbag! Rare surely...

Please, please don't zoom in at our feet. Mcm bukan kaki perempuan dah. 

Selang seminggu after Penang, Avani pulak. Sumpah purse koyak haha

Since we can't stare into our boyfriends soul, lets just stare at each other shall we?

Anis, lets stop this shit. 

Ouh lupa nak mention, since we checked in on Friday, I already called the hotel early in the morning for an early check in! Ahaa we can! Tepat pukul 1 kitorg sampai hotel. Yela rasa rugi gila kalau tak dapat stay at least 24 jam. 

Macam honeymoon vibes kan. Acahh...

But tengah terik tu laa gambar lawa. Like seriously tahan jela. 

Well I planned this. 

Later that night. A surprise #harrypotter birthday theme party for Paja. 

I've attached a video at the end of this blog. Senang nak summarize our whole trip.  

Hi jodoh, awak datang singgah sini baca blog saya eh. Caught you red handed haa..

Happy 23rd Paja. Love you always. Stay happy, not grumpy.


Monday, 18 September 2017

❤ Leggo in Penang ❤

The weekend before I started my last semester, Leggo finally decided to go to Penang (like finally). 

Since Jul won't be able to join us anyway, we decided to go on Friday and Saturday, basically to avoid the traffic in Penang during weekends. 

Thank goodness Ang can use his brother's car (although it seems like we're a travelling family LOL). Since the car is spacious, we had enough room to play around at the back haha.

Ah what else. 

eyyy aren't we cute nawwww ❤

Family sangat kan. Ang macam turun dari langit tau. hahahhaha 😂

tah tah pm tepi ngan sara, tu pakai baju sama tuu 

Well actually as soon as we arrived in penang, kami pi beratoq kat nasi kandaq line clear (cue dah sampai penang, we add all the q's at the end of our words haha). Tak menyempat la nak amek gambar makanan time tu, sbb semua kebuluq. (err okey enough with the q's)

Jasa tripod. Nak harapkan amok ang memang tak dapek laa. 

Well at least tripod tak parkinson macam ang HAHAHAHA

we even had matching beach slippers, nawww what a sweet bij. haha

The weather on the first day was bad. It was raining all day, and you know, that feeling when your slippers are wet, the end of your jeans are damp. erghh to add on to that suffering, I humiliated myself when trying to help a FISH. damn that fish. well I refused to put that damn video here. cukup la takat dekat instastory 🙍

Acah je. nah nah tengok. The reason why I had to wear that stripe palazzo the next day ciss

Mcm biasa la ang, tdo kat belakang. but man, the pictures are pretty. And its a plus for this picture since I don't look fat in this. 

We had our dinner in the famous food court beside Gourney Plaza. The pasembor was awesome. Its so awesome we even had it the next day (unexpected). 

The next day, we walked to Roti Canai Transfer Road, which is just around 1 Km from where we're staying (save the hassle on finding parking). 

Oh man, that roti canai was spicy. And we even splattered the kuah on our tudung. What a way to start a day. 

Dah kenapa gambar ni terang gila? I look so pink, almost like a pig (well a cute pig) 

On our way to Penang Hill, surprisingly I'm the only one who have been there (that makes me their tour guide). 

You guys are so lucky to experience an air condition tram. When I was in primary school, Penang Hill's tram was so slow I swear I would arrive earlier by walking. Not to mention the kipas pusing the tram used (takde function langsung)

The ice kacang we had at Penang Hill. Padahal baru breakfast roti canai tau. My goodness they are all a glutton. 


 Trip kali ni banyak sangat gambar, thanks to the tripod. Function betul. 

Hehe dah tu je. 



Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Sara, Amok and Jul's 24th Birthday Celebration!

Seriously, I'm not gonna eat cake anymore until next year. Sara's birthday was in May (we celebrated before she flew to Italy), followed by Jul's in June (we celebrated in Ramadhan hah) and lastly Mokie's in July (we finally went to Jibby's). And I'm not gonna write about their birthday separately, lets just crammed it all here 👀

Venue: Premiera Hotel 

Aherr, surprisee surprisee. After waiting for nearly 2 hours 
(I felt bloated from eating all the dim sums blergh)

She has NO idea that I brought along the girls with me. So the big secret was of course, Aiman! 
She flew all the way from penang to celebrate Sara's birthday. 

Of course everyone was super quiet (Some of them had to or I'll smack them LOL)

Okey, maybe you'll feel the surpriseeeee when you see the video below!

Of course she loved it! A unicorn theme birthday party and I made everyone swear they'll wear sky blue clothes. 

Thanks to these girls, we made it!

Sumpah abang kat situ took great pictures. 

once a Leggo, always a Leggo. 

Meanwhile for Jul's 24th Birthday, we booked at D'Timers Cafe in Wangsa Maju, near my place. Since the boys insisted that they want to wear jerseys, oh well. I personally book a custom made cake from my friend, Instagram: tastebymommy. Of course its a Manchester United theme, his favorite. 

See, I love my friends equally. Semua dapat sama je haha 

We love you Jul. 

Lawa gils la cake dia. 

He got lots of presents *sigh (Can't I have two birthdays in a year?)

For mokie's birthday, I ordered a custom made cake (Again) from my friend. This time, its Poker cake haha (just so people will think he likes gambling, screw his reputation haha). Jibby was, a good decision. The food was superb, the ambiance was great. We even had fun going to the model houses, (ang's pretending that it was his home LOL)

Ang...pretending Lol

Birthday boy, with a lack of sense. He couldn't even pretend to act surprise ciss

Our mandatory poses. 

Zul datang lambat haa tu laa

The cake was pretty wasn't it?? Aww Amok of course doesn't want to cut it, but Lol no we insisted. Rugi la woi tak rasa. 

Ahh these two, why did I need to share the couch with them. 

Personally, I would give Jibby's a perfect score in the ambiance and foods. 

Lucky you, see I even had to scoot over to give you some spaces. 

Finally we're done with the birthdays for Leggos. I don't know whether we'll do this again next year. Surely it was tiring as hell but I love to surprise them haha