Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Reunion with my girls at Avilion Port Dickson 💋

And this is actually last raya punya cerita but I'm missing them sooooo much so I decided to dedicate this post for us. I think this is the after effect of listening to Btob ballad songs haha. So after the short reunion at my raya open house, we decided to go for a short vacay. I suggested that we went to Avilion, its a bit pricey but there's so much to do in the hotel. Because in the end, we all wanted to sit down and gossip! Punya lah senang plan last minute 😂😁

Bee then suggested that we wear white with different colors of shawls 😄 

Peah macam " bee tu bukan bridesmaids punya concept ke 😂"

Masa nie we got a room for RM550 (I'm not that sure but it's around that price after gst and tax)

But there's sooooo much to do in the hotel. We went for sauna in the evening, swim at night. (They got like 2 big different swimming pool)

Since we went during weekdays, memang best sebab takde orang !

Outside our room, facing the swimming pool!

The next morning, we went to the mini zoo to feed the animals. Who knew we would be surrounded by cute rabbits haha. 

Going to the beach in the evening. 

The water chalet in Avilion.

We couldn't enter the spa behind us. There's a spot where you can sit facing the sea but in order to go there, you'll need to be the customer and the cheapest package is RM199 (I think). Sooo nvm.

Inside the garden chalet. 

Well overall it was the best amongst all the trip that we had since we have sooo much time to talk and the pictures that we took were soo pretty!

Running out of pose! 😃

Ahh these two...

The pool in front of our garden chalet!


We roamed around the hotel with pajamas. Not a problem! haha

I missed these girls soo much. Can't wait for another short vacay with these crackheads!


Ayie 💋

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Pengalaman ke Plitvice Lake National Park, Croatia Part 4


So after the short briefing at the conference hall, we went to the entrance of the park and paid the entrance fees of (I don't exactly remember but I think it's around 70 Kuna? You have to double check at the website.)

This is the boat that we have to take to cross to the other side of the lake. I swear its prettier than it looks like in MY picture. The day we went wasn't really a good day to visit since the weather has been gloomy all day long, and it rained heavily (I literally had to walk through a downpour sobs). 

Googled the place and you'll be stunned! It was really a bad day, and the weather sucks.

Look at the cloud! Really a bad sign from the start but we have to follow the itenary that we made as we're going to Split the next day. 

This trip made me realise how important it is to have a very decent camera haha. Mine was shitty af. I've been using GoPro 4+, it was oookay in a bright daylight. 

And off we gooooooo (I'm super excited at that time, not knowing that it will rain heavily!)

There are several trails that you can follow but they are damn far. I was trying to go down (if you can see the waterfall below) but the bridge was flooded. 

till then xoxo

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Turning 24th at Flora Cafe, Kuala Lumpur!

I turned 24th on the 9th the other day, and I didn't expect anything from my friends. But a few days before D-day, aten called and asked for a date with me (we're sooo used to hang out with just the two of us) so yeah we went to our usual lepak place in Pavilion. But then in the morning, sara texted me and asked to go out around 3pm so I said yeah why not. 

We went to Ampang Walk, opposite of Victoria Station I think. Then I realized this might be a surprise event (haha kantoi di situ) . She blindfolded my eyes, (kantoi lagi kat situ) before we entered the restaurant. *I purposely didn't wear my spectacles, bagi chance la kat diorg. 

Anddddd there goes the Birthday song.....

And the leggo clan was there + Zul 

Surprise surpriseeee .

Well I was amazed by the restaurant concept actually. It was very nice and the ambiance is what you actually paid for! 

They gave me, A LOT! 

I'm blessed, to have this few but precious friends. 
Tapi malas nak cakap depan2, nanti diorang riak haha

But of course the bigger surprise is zul.

There goes another year of aging *cry*

Of course I'm touched, tapi tak reti nak express haha hati batu. 

But it was definitely one of the top birthdays I've had. 

(I used to have a princess theme party when I was in secondary school *sigh*)