Thursday, 22 November 2018

Japan Trip October 2018 - Day 4 - Hiroshima & Miyajima Island

8th October 2018 (Monday)

So it turns out that a few weeks before our departure to Japan, I accidentally checked the Public Holidays for Japan and guess what, they have the National Sports Day on the 8th (which we originally intented to go to USJ, LOL). So I switched our itenary and decided to go to Miyajima Island instead. 

Today was our first day of the Japan Rail (JR) Pass 7 days pass, and the JR included the Miyajima Island Ferry. So the total transportation, is FREE! Let me show you how the JR Pass looks like. 

So this is how it looks like, I'll share the steps on how to change the JR Pass in some other post okey.

Read the travel terms and conditions when you're planning your trips. 

We started off our day by going to the shinkansen. Let me show you how to go take the Shinkansen. So we're from Kohama Station (since we live near there), using the google maps direction, just follow the instructions. To take the Shinkansen, we went to Shin-Osaka Station. If you're using JR Pass, it is totally worth it, the total cost to go to Hiroshima (one way) is already 10,930 Yen (approximately RM405 one way). For those who wanted  to take a day trip to Miyajima Island, it is recommended to stop by Hiroshima since there is no DIRECT train from Osaka to Miyajima. 

This is the Shinkansen Track in Shin-Osaka Station. 

And, it is recommended that you pack some foods to eat in Shinkansen (since Shinkansen routes are normally taking a longer time than subways, Japanese tend to pack some bento to eat). But since its hard to find Halal bento there, we cooked some fried rice to eat in the train. 

Hello ❤

And here's another tips for you guys, when we're in Hiroshima, we found out that there's a free tourist bus (for JR Pass holder) that stops by every tourist attractions in the city! (Say about luck!) The bus is called "Hiroshima Meipu ru-pu". 

However, if you don't have the JR Pass, they offer an affordable price of 400 yen for one day pass. 

You'll see a lot of tourist taking this bus. 

There are 3 types of routes, and you can take any bus that suites your itenary. 
For us, we took the Orange Bus. 

Our first stop is the Hiroshima Castle, so damn hot!

Infront of the Atomic Bomb Dome.

Hiroshima Peace Park

Atomic Bomb Dome. 

Around noon, we decided to continue our journey to Miyajima Island. Its around 30 minutes from Hiroshima

The view from the ferry. 

On our way to the large orange shrine.

Accidentally found a cool house (read: instagram-worthy pictures) 

omg they have starbucks on the Island.

Yayy finally, its quite a walk from the ferry port to the shrine.

The cute shops on the Island. 

We bought this Momiji (Maple) Manju, there's only one flavor that is Halal (I really wanted the chocolate flavoured bread, sobs)

On the inside.

Cute Momiji Manju. 

I'll write about my trip to USJ in the next post ❤


Saturday, 17 November 2018

Japan Trip October 2018 - Day 3 - Kyoto, Osaka

7th October 2018 (Sunday)

On sunday, we followed my itenary to Kyoto where we have booked the Airbnb Experience for Kimono and making sushi. So departed to Sanjo Keihan Station (Since we booked the Kimono from a rental shop near that station) from Kohama Station, as usual, we decided to follow the directions as per google (see the image below).

At Kohama Station. 

In front of the shop, with some local who was fascinated with us haha

Info on the Kimono shop:

Mai, the person who tends to us for the Kimono is very nice and although it is only through my observation, Mai's Kimono shop has a better Kimono pattern and designs as compared to other shops I saw, plus the price that you pay is for the whole day (we're requested to return the Kimono by 5pm). 


Beside the Kimono Shop. 

On our way to Gion. 

Okey la okey la I behave.

At Yasaka Shrine ❤

After roaming around the Shrine and taking hundreds of pictures, we decided to go to our next Airbnb booking for the Sushi making Experience! Lunch!

Info on the Experience:

You got to eat the sushi you make, like seriously we packed a lot to bring to our homestay that night. You can read my review on their Airbnb profile, but let me say this, they're are nicest and warmest local Japanese that I've met there. 

After you have made the sushi, you can dine there in front of the cute garden. 

Can't believe we made this our self. 

Deserts on the house!

They're so so so so so nice! We requested Halal ingredients, they prepared EVERYTHING!

Outside the Sushi shop. So after the lunch, we decide to return the kimono and go to Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, which is quite far away (hence we decided to take the subway instead). The way up to the Temple is uphill, Sara and I wasn't talking since we had difficulties catching our breath haha

But the view was worth it. You could watch the whole kyoto city from there. 

Travel on Sunday, you'll see this. There's a lot of cute shops on your way down from the Temple. 

Then we went to Ayam-Ya, Kyoto. Decided to take the bus since its easier. Because it is quite a walk away from the train station. 

Ordered this, can't remember the name. But hey its halal, and its ramen. Like come on, you can't come to Japan and not taste ramen! And its really hard to find Halal food though. I think the shop is handled by Indonesian, but we hardly communicate as we're to exhausted that day. I'll write about my trip to Miyajima Island and Hiroshima in the next post!