Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Sara, Amok and Jul's 24th Birthday Celebration!

Seriously, I'm not gonna eat cake anymore until next year. Sara's birthday was in May (we celebrated before she flew to Italy), followed by Jul's in June (we celebrated in Ramadhan hah) and lastly Mokie's in July (we finally went to Jibby's). And I'm not gonna write about their birthday separately, lets just crammed it all here 👀

Venue: Premiera Hotel 

Aherr, surprisee surprisee. After waiting for nearly 2 hours 
(I felt bloated from eating all the dim sums blergh)

She has NO idea that I brought along the girls with me. So the big secret was of course, Aiman! 
She flew all the way from penang to celebrate Sara's birthday. 

Of course everyone was super quiet (Some of them had to or I'll smack them LOL)

Okey, maybe you'll feel the surpriseeeee when you see the video below!



Of course she loved it! A unicorn theme birthday party and I made everyone swear they'll wear sky blue clothes. 

Thanks to these girls, we made it!

Sumpah abang kat situ took great pictures. 

once a Leggo, always a Leggo. 

Meanwhile for Jul's 24th Birthday, we booked at D'Timers Cafe in Wangsa Maju, near my place. Since the boys insisted that they want to wear jerseys, oh well. I personally book a custom made cake from my friend, Instagram: tastebymommy. Of course its a Manchester United theme, his favorite. 

See, I love my friends equally. Semua dapat sama je haha 



We love you Jul. 

Lawa gils la cake dia. 

He got lots of presents *sigh (Can't I have two birthdays in a year?)

For mokie's birthday, I ordered a custom made cake (Again) from my friend. This time, its Poker cake haha (just so people will think he likes gambling, screw his reputation haha). Jibby was, a good decision. The food was superb, the ambiance was great. We even had fun going to the model houses, (ang's pretending that it was his home LOL)

Ang...pretending Lol

Birthday boy, with a lack of sense. He couldn't even pretend to act surprise ciss

Our mandatory poses. 

Zul datang lambat haa tu laa

The cake was pretty wasn't it?? Aww Amok of course doesn't want to cut it, but Lol no we insisted. Rugi la woi tak rasa. 

Ahh these two, why did I need to share the couch with them. 

Personally, I would give Jibby's a perfect score in the ambiance and foods. 

Lucky you, see I even had to scoot over to give you some spaces. 

Finally we're done with the birthdays for Leggos. I don't know whether we'll do this again next year. Surely it was tiring as hell but I love to surprise them haha


💗 My Penang Trip with Betrayer's Room 💗

A week after my emotional convocation (I'll tell you why it was emotional in another post hahaha), we went to Penang. The original plan was including sara, but as she was saving to her trip to Milan, she was unable to join me 😞 So there's only the 3 of us from KL. Anis's father came to pick us up on Thursday as our flight is the next day at 2.30 pm.

(They said I senyum senget, lol no)

So we arrived in Penang at 3.15. I swear the flight was super fast and we actually arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule. (Tak tau la whether the pilot was hungry and couldn't wait to eat nasi kandar LOL).

(Penang here we go!)

While waiting for Aiman, here's a little 💗 for you.

We're quite hungry when we arrived. 

Kak long kawasan sangat.

When we arrived, Aiman took us to Nasi 7 Benua, which I don't remember where the location is. But I can assure you that even though it looks a lot, its actually fit for a portion of one adult. Nasi tu cukup cukup je since the cup was so small. 

The next day, early in the morning we went to Bukit Bendara (Penang Hill) to take some pretty pictures before we check in to the hotel. It wasn't a bad idea, since the weather was nice, but its pretty hot up there. BUT, haha we took the fast lane ticket which only cost us RM15 per person since we're all students, Wallaaaaa that was the best part of the penang trip haha. 

Fast lane yaww, worth every penny. 

we should've bring along a tripod. 

Taking turn taking the picture. 

Ahh finally the four of us. 

Actually the weather was hot that day and we can't wait to check in since we paid a lot for the hotel. And the point of the trip was actually for Aiman's surprise birthday party! 

Okey thats it for bukit bendera. Until next timee, now lets go check in! 

We went for swimming in the evening, well a part of it was actually to distract Aiman while we decorate the room a bit. It was hectic, and poor Anis hahahah she had to blow up all the balloons by herself while I'm busy hanging up the birthday shout out wording. 


Look how we decorated the room! I choose the right themeeee and I'm loving it soo much. 

Since the video files are big, so I can't upload it here. damnn

Congrats man, to you getting a year older hah!


The morning after. I must say this Penang trip was a success. Hilanglaa sikit stress tu. 

Again, Happy 23rd Aiman. 


Sunday, 23 April 2017

My Degree Graduation Day 🙆 yasss, Finally!

We did it! Finally dah officially habis my Degree life, walaupun still tengah sambung Masters pulak but actually I felt like passing a milestone in what I target to achieve in my life.

My mom came, and we stayed at Best Western Shah Alam. It was a pleasant stay, the staffs were very helpful and warm. But we didn't have a chance to really go out and explore I-City because my mom arrived late evening and we had to check out early in the morning since my convocation starts at 7.30am. 

So I requested Aina to come and take my graduation pictures since she had a free time that day, and I was super happy with all the pictures!

I called "Geng Rumah Merah" and "Geng Seremban" but alas, they were all busy with their family and I only got to see a few of my friends. Of course Anis was there, she literally had nothing to do LOL

We cracked up when Aina asked us to look at each other.

The Darth Vader plan didn't go well as we planned. 

It turns to .... Ayu-Kampung-Girl kind of theme. 

I'm glad my mom was happy that day. 

Oh yesss We did it! Now let's throw the Mortar Board up in the air, sooo cliche. 

It was soooo hot that day, thank goodness the shoot was only 2 hours. 

Guess what, I met Chamin! Unexpectedly, and it was a pleasant surprise!

Of course she noticed me first, I was having trouble with my heels (My feet feels like it nearly dislocated from my joints) and adding up with the hot weather, I didn't noticed anyone at all. 

She came and shouted "Ayie!" 

The rest is history. We were literally squealing in happiness ahaks 

Ahh this boy, I noticed him in the hall and we kind of use eye gestures, me asking him to come over and take pictures with me, and he vice versa. 

And these three stooges, hahahaha 

Lucky me noticing them, so by chance we managed to take a picture together. 

This girl, no explanation needed 😂

Tyra the diva. Soo happy huh girl? 😄

Andddd one picture is never enough for us ladies!

With our moms 💕

Thanks pajaaaaaa for coming, I still can't believe she walked from Engineering Faculty to DATC.

Thanks to Ainaaaa, without you there would be none of these awesome photos!

Us with "Adek Adek" hahahahaha

The one and only who ever called me shila LOL

(this kid needs a proper slap on his head duh) 

Paja with his "Just Friend" . Yela tuuu

Lastly, Thanks Mak for coming all the way from Teluk Intan 💗