Sunday, 23 April 2017

My Degree Graduation Day 🙆 yasss, Finally!

We did it! Finally dah officially habis my Degree life, walaupun still tengah sambung Masters pulak but actually I felt like passing a milestone in what I target to achieve in my life.

My mom came, and we stayed at Best Western Shah Alam. It was a pleasant stay, the staffs were very helpful and warm. But we didn't have a chance to really go out and explore I-City because my mom arrived late evening and we had to check out early in the morning since my convocation starts at 7.30am. 

So I requested Aina to come and take my graduation pictures since she had a free time that day, and I was super happy with all the pictures!

I called "Geng Rumah Merah" and "Geng Seremban" but alas, they were all busy with their family and I only got to see a few of my friends. Of course Anis was there, she literally had nothing to do LOL

We cracked up when Aina asked us to look at each other.

The Darth Vader plan didn't go well as we planned. 

It turns to .... Ayu-Kampung-Girl kind of theme. 

I'm glad my mom was happy that day. 

Oh yesss We did it! Now let's throw the Mortar Board up in the air, sooo cliche. 

It was soooo hot that day, thank goodness the shoot was only 2 hours. 

Guess what, I met Chamin! Unexpectedly, and it was a pleasant surprise!

Of course she noticed me first, I was having trouble with my heels (My feet feels like it nearly dislocated from my joints) and adding up with the hot weather, I didn't noticed anyone at all. 

She came and shouted "Ayie!" 

The rest is history. We were literally squealing in happiness ahaks 

Ahh this boy, I noticed him in the hall and we kind of use eye gestures, me asking him to come over and take pictures with me, and he vice versa. 

And these three stooges, hahahaha 

Lucky me noticing them, so by chance we managed to take a picture together. 

This girl, no explanation needed 😂

Tyra the diva. Soo happy huh girl? 😄

Andddd one picture is never enough for us ladies!

With our moms 💕

Thanks pajaaaaaa for coming, I still can't believe she walked from Engineering Faculty to DATC.

Thanks to Ainaaaa, without you there would be none of these awesome photos!

Us with "Adek Adek" hahahahaha

The one and only who ever called me shila LOL

(this kid needs a proper slap on his head duh) 

Paja with his "Just Friend" . Yela tuuu

Lastly, Thanks Mak for coming all the way from Teluk Intan 💗

Friday, 31 March 2017

Darlings Reunion @ Wondermilk, Publika

Assalamualaikum sayang.

Finally, baru dapat jumpa semua orang. 
Punya lah susah nak meet up padahal semua belum kerja lagi 😂

And macam biasa la janji melayu, mesti lambat punya. 

Tapi takpe, asal jumpa and catch up cerita kan.

Since a few days before meet up nie birthday mar, so I decided to bring them somewhere nice to celebrate, and all I could think at that time was going to Publika, since it is the nearest. 

And actually there was a private function at that time dalam Wondermilk, and I kind of don't like the window seat but it was actually a blessing in disguise! Cantik laa dekat situ nak ambil gambar. 

Since susah sangat nak jumpa, kena la ada stock gambar so nanti rindu2 boleh lah throwback gambar lawa lawa hahahahaha

Dengan aten ni dah selalu jumpa so tak lalu dah nak hadap muka dia 👎

But she's still my favorite! 

It was a brief, but meaningful meeting 💕

And I'm so gonna buy my own dslr after this! 

Tak puas main dengan orang punya...

Lets be friends for many years more, darlings 💗

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Reunion with my girls at Avilion Port Dickson 💋

And this is actually last raya punya cerita but I'm missing them sooooo much so I decided to dedicate this post for us. I think this is the after effect of listening to Btob ballad songs haha. So after the short reunion at my raya open house, we decided to go for a short vacay. I suggested that we went to Avilion, its a bit pricey but there's so much to do in the hotel. Because in the end, we all wanted to sit down and gossip! Punya lah senang plan last minute 😂😁

Bee then suggested that we wear white with different colors of shawls 😄 

Peah macam " bee tu bukan bridesmaids punya concept ke 😂"

Masa nie we got a room for RM550 (I'm not that sure but it's around that price after gst and tax)

But there's sooooo much to do in the hotel. We went for sauna in the evening, swim at night. (They got like 2 big different swimming pool)

Since we went during weekdays, memang best sebab takde orang !

Outside our room, facing the swimming pool!

The next morning, we went to the mini zoo to feed the animals. Who knew we would be surrounded by cute rabbits haha. 

Going to the beach in the evening. 

The water chalet in Avilion.

We couldn't enter the spa behind us. There's a spot where you can sit facing the sea but in order to go there, you'll need to be the customer and the cheapest package is RM199 (I think). Sooo nvm.

Inside the garden chalet. 

Well overall it was the best amongst all the trip that we had since we have sooo much time to talk and the pictures that we took were soo pretty!

Running out of pose! 😃

Ahh these two...

The pool in front of our garden chalet!


We roamed around the hotel with pajamas. Not a problem! haha

I missed these girls soo much. Can't wait for another short vacay with these crackheads!


Ayie 💋