Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Sara, Amok and Jul's 24th Birthday Celebration!

Seriously, I'm not gonna eat cake anymore until next year. Sara's birthday was in May (we celebrated before she flew to Italy), followed by Jul's in June (we celebrated in Ramadhan hah) and lastly Mokie's in July (we finally went to Jibby's). And I'm not gonna write about their birthday separately, lets just crammed it all here 👀

Venue: Premiera Hotel 

Aherr, surprisee surprisee. After waiting for nearly 2 hours 
(I felt bloated from eating all the dim sums blergh)

She has NO idea that I brought along the girls with me. So the big secret was of course, Aiman! 
She flew all the way from penang to celebrate Sara's birthday. 

Of course everyone was super quiet (Some of them had to or I'll smack them LOL)

Okey, maybe you'll feel the surpriseeeee when you see the video below!

Of course she loved it! A unicorn theme birthday party and I made everyone swear they'll wear sky blue clothes. 

Thanks to these girls, we made it!

Sumpah abang kat situ took great pictures. 

once a Leggo, always a Leggo. 

Meanwhile for Jul's 24th Birthday, we booked at D'Timers Cafe in Wangsa Maju, near my place. Since the boys insisted that they want to wear jerseys, oh well. I personally book a custom made cake from my friend, Instagram: tastebymommy. Of course its a Manchester United theme, his favorite. 

See, I love my friends equally. Semua dapat sama je haha 

We love you Jul. 

Lawa gils la cake dia. 

He got lots of presents *sigh (Can't I have two birthdays in a year?)

For mokie's birthday, I ordered a custom made cake (Again) from my friend. This time, its Poker cake haha (just so people will think he likes gambling, screw his reputation haha). Jibby was, a good decision. The food was superb, the ambiance was great. We even had fun going to the model houses, (ang's pretending that it was his home LOL)

Ang...pretending Lol

Birthday boy, with a lack of sense. He couldn't even pretend to act surprise ciss

Our mandatory poses. 

Zul datang lambat haa tu laa

The cake was pretty wasn't it?? Aww Amok of course doesn't want to cut it, but Lol no we insisted. Rugi la woi tak rasa. 

Ahh these two, why did I need to share the couch with them. 

Personally, I would give Jibby's a perfect score in the ambiance and foods. 

Lucky you, see I even had to scoot over to give you some spaces. 

Finally we're done with the birthdays for Leggos. I don't know whether we'll do this again next year. Surely it was tiring as hell but I love to surprise them haha


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